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Since February 2021 I work for Intel Corp., This work was all completed and published before I joined them, and was based on own research and public information alone.

The reason for publishing these tweet collections is the decline in popularity of Twitter due to recent events. I have not added any new information here that was not in the original tweets.

Context/Background info

This is a collection of tweets spanning most of the initial part to my Pentium II microcode research. For more context on this, see the talk I gave at 2020: 2020 - Under the hood of a CPU video (Warning, bad audio quality) 2020 slides


This quickly turned into a full fledged RE tool

Need more photos

I also had to build a modified microscope to allow me to gather the images I needed.

PLA breakthrough

Deprocessing and imaging

Circuit level RE

Microscope upgrades

Got a new olympus E series microscope, which allowed much beter shots:


Some random shots

More circuit RE

Microscope Upgrades!

Obfuscation hell continues

Automating that tracing

Mostly figured out the obfuscation

Useful find

Finally starting to grok the machine/micro code

ROM capture

Code finds :)

Fixing bugs

This is right around the moment I gave the talk, which is at 2020 - Under the hood of a CPU video (Warning, bad audio quality) 2020 slides

The stuff that was done after that talk

The story continues at part 2 which goes into the actual uCode routines and some fun pwnage resulting from it.